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Interesting Photography Spots in Kuantan


Kuantan is the capital of Pahang Darul Makmur, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. Its only take 3 hours driving from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan via East Coast Expressway (Lebuhraya Pantai Timur – LPT). Kuantan is the gateway to East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

There are many interesting photography spots in Kuantan from coastal of South China Sea until waterfalls, Panorama Hills and Mount Tapis in Sungai Lembing. Kuantan can be one of photography destination in Malaysia.

Kuantan town has many spot for cityscape, architecture, landscape and street photography. Among the landmark of Kuantan town are Teruntum Complex, Sultan Ahmad 1 Mosque (State Mosque), Taman Kerang, State Art Museum, MPK Building, Mahkota Square and many more.

View of Kuantan Town from roof top of Teruntum Complex
View of Kuantan Town from one of the minaret of Sultan Ahmad 1 Mosque.
View of Kuantan town from 14th floor of Shahzan Inn
View of Kuantan Town from Wisma Persekutuan.

List of beaches in Kuantan (start from Kemaman border until Pekan border) :

  • Chendor
  • Cherating
  • Sg Ular
  • Gebeng
  • Tanjung Gelang (Kuantan Port)
  • Balok
  • Batu Hitam
  • Beserah
  • Pelindung
  • Teluk Chempedak
  • Tanjung Tembeling
  • Teluk Sisik
  • Tangjung Api
  • Tanjung Lumpur
  • Anak Air
  • Kempadang
  • Cempaka
  • Sepat
  • Penor
  • Cherok Paloh

Sunrise can be capture from all of the beaches listed above because Kuantan is in the East Coast. Each beach has it own specialty. It depend on what kind of interest of the photographer wanted to capture.

Sunrise at Teluk Cempedak Beach

Better spots for capturing sunset are from :

1- under Tanjung Lumpur Bridge (can capture Kuantan town as a foreground of the sunset)
2- Tanjung Tembeling
3- Tanjung Api or Pantai Gelora at Kuantan river estuary
4- Swamp area of Sepat

View of Kuantan town from under Tg Lumpur Bridge.

List of waterfalls in Kuantan :

1- Pandan Waterfall (also known as Panching Waterfall among locals)
2- Rainbow Waterfall, Sg Lembing
3- Berkelah Waterfalls
4- Jerangkang Waterfalls
5- Lata Mentagan, Pelak

Pandan Waterfall

If we like to shot aerial view from hill top, Kuantan offers :

  • Panorama Hill, Sg Lembing
  • Mount Tapis, Sg Lembing
  • Pelindung Hill
  • Bay Route Hill

Morning view from top of Panorama Hill, Sg Lembing

If you require my assistant and guide for photography activity in Kuantan, please do not hesitate to email me at .

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